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Thanks, and see you in my new space!

xo emily

This weekend!

To my  NYC friends, I'll be leading Show Me a Story crafts at two lovely spots and I'd love to see you there.   

Saturday (1/19) at 2:00 I'll be making Story Disks at Play Kids toy store in Brooklyn.

Sunday (1/20) 2:00-4:00:  I'll be leading my Memory Card craft at the Children's Museum of Manhattan.  It would be so, so wonderful and fun to see you there!  

What a nice week it has been in! We had bright sun, sweet grapefruit, and an official snow day where the children made a snowman, snow fort, and drank large cups of hot chocolate. Our weather turned from sunny and warm to cold and snowy quite quickly.

This guy has been waving to our neighbors all week.  That is me in the doorway. The photograph was taken at 2:ish and I was still in my pajamas.  Success!

Happy weekend! 

xo e


I took this photograph in front of The Chicago Tribune for two reasons:

1. The stones and etching are beautiful.

2.  Show Me a Story was recently reviewed in The Chicago Tribune!  Standing in front of the building made it all feel extra special.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Book Tour :: Chicago!

Last weekend, I zoomed to Chicago for some exciting events for the Show Me a Story book tour.  It was a wonderful trip filled with kind faces, incredibly creative children, a zippy glass elevator in the hotel (gulp!), and inquisitive teachers and parents.  I was so delighted and honored to spend the weekend with lovely people in a super city.
We stayed in a great hotel directly in the heart of the city.  It has glass walls, a glass ceiling, and a glass elevator that made me a little weak in the knees.  I eventually got used to it, and by the end I was brave enough to look outside as we raced to the fifteenth floor. 
 Standing in the hotel lobby, looking up.
This was at the wonderful Magic Tree House Bookshop in Oak Park, right outside of Chicago.  It was my first stop, and as soon as I began making Story Disks with the children, big, fat snow flakes fell from the sky.  It was beautiful and perfect.
My next stop was the Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier where I was so impressed by the creative exhibits and sweet staff.  And, um, the children and families that made Memory Cards with me were unbelievably creative.  Oh my!  They had it going ON! 

Don't worry, this child's Memory Card reads "Fire" because he went to the fire station Christmas party where his grandfather used to be a fire fighter.  Oh, this little boy was SO sweet and funny!

Tom and I walked to the end of Navy Pier where we seemed to be the only ones willing to brave the frigid wind.  Night was coming, and I was determined to stare into the milky blue waters of the Lake Michigan before it was time to go.  We caught a gorgeous sunset and we were serenaded on our way to dinner.  Such beautiful gifts!
And then we squished onto a tiny plane (3 seats across and all of the tall people had to crouch while standing) and soared back to our home sweet home, where my two children greeted me with warm cheeks, smelling of chocolate and shampoo.

It is so nice to soar, to go on adventures, to meet crowds of wonderful, new people. It is fun to drift and gaze and wander.  It is also so nice to come home.


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p i c t u r e d :: holidays!

* cloves, cardamom, black pepper, etc. for our homemade chai masala.

*little teapot cards for our chai gifts

*our jars of chai packed and ready to go

*gray, gray, gray, and beautiful.  #nofilter

*cat in a basket.

*someone couldn't put it down. here, she is literally lost in a book.

*packing it all up on New Year's Day.  sad/happy

There was so much beauty in our quiet days together and lots of excitement in making and giving.  I'd love to see one of your holiday moments.  Will you share one in the comments?

xox e      


I'd like to kick off 2013 with Hannah Brencher's amazing TED talk on how handwritten love letters can change the world.

Listen and be inspired. 

And, then visit The World Needs More Love Letters for more beautiful details.

I am all for infusing more love into this world. 

xo e