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Red Bird Crafts Write-Along

This is my jar of words.  One of my current big projects has me spending a lot of time with my jar of words, which is a good thing because jars of words are fun.

All of my time spent with the jar made me think that it would be fun if we all spent time together.

The plan:
1. Each week, I will choose three words from the jar.
2. I'll post the three words here and on the Red Bird Crafts Facebook page where I'll use #redbirdwritealong.
3. The challenge is to use the three randomly chosen words in some kind of short creative piece. It could be a sentence, riddle, poem, haiku, faux advertisement, slogan, blurb, love letter, fortune and more, more, more.  Anything. The words can be tweaked slightly (ie: you can change the tense or make it plural.)
4. We'll make our short pieces public.
5. You are welcome to read the comments on the Write-Along posts to see what others have shared.

I plan to share my writing in the comments, and I'd love it if you'd share yours as well.  I also encourage you to share on Instagram or Facebook (or Twitter).  If you choose to share on social media, be sure to tag it with #redbirdwritealong, so we can all read.  If you choose to post on Facebook, would you consider posting on the Red Bird Crafts Facebook Page, so we can all read?  Of course, you can keep your creation private -- maybe in your journal or taped to your fridge? You know that is ok too.

Some of the writing might not be kid appropriate, so it is important to screen the content before letting children read directly from the blog.

This will happen weekly or bi-weekly.  Anyone is welcome to join: kids , elders, teens, and even children who are pre-writers (you can write their words for them).  Hey, family and friends! You too.

Will you join me?

Some thoughts:

1. Hand write or type the three words onto a page.  This will help your brain form ideas.
2. Do some free association writing based on the words (write what comes to mind without any changes)
3. There is no expectation that this is going to be great writing.  This is all about process and delving in.
4. It takes a bit of bravery to be willing to share, but I think it will end up feeling rewarding and fun. I’m especially interested in seeing all of the different ways the three words of the week can be crafted and interpreted.

Today's three random words are:

Oh, and if you are a friend who visits my house, will you please, please add some words to the jar? That would be the best.

Check out the comments to see what others have shared! Will you write-along with me?


PS.  If you read my blog in a reader (like Feedly or bloglovin), you might want to pop over to the real deal to see my new logo.  I feel really proud of it.  More blog changes are on the way in the coming weeks/months.