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a birthday hike

 A spring breeze swooped in for my birthday, and Tom took the day off of work (best gift of all) so we could have a family frolic and mountain climb in the nearby woods.  This particular wee range is practically in our backyard and for my birthday I wanted to climb to the top of one of the peaks after we ate breakfast (with greens and a potato cake) at one of my favorite restaurants.
Here is my little flock starting off.
Chick was determined to cozy up all of the hollow tree stumps with leaves and moss just in case fairies were to visit that night. 
Doesn't this uprooted tree look like a dinosaur or prehistoric bird or something.  (note the long, pointed beak)
We paid attention to all of the trees that had most likely fallen during the October snowstorm and we noticed that they made neat geometric patterns (diagonals and triangles were everywhere).
As  Tom was collecting random trash to bring out of the woods, he noticed a vintage PEPSI bottle, which looked like it was from the 80's.  On the climb down, I was imagining who brought this bottle up the mountain and what happened to it from that time until now.  I almost wanted to prop it up on a beam in our barn, but our barn needs less stuff, not more. 
We saw some bright green patches and the air smelled of wet earth, but I wasn't convinced that the cold is ready to slip away.  The woods still whispered winter to me.

xo e

out my window

s u n n y    s n o w    s h o w e r s

p h o t o g r a p h s

I'm sort of in love with instagr.am and the way it has me thinking in 2" x 2" squares. It is whole new way for me to capture and share a moment.
This is all new for me, and I'd love for you to join me.  You can find me at redbirdcrafts. It is such a nice way to connect and to share what is
and delightful in the world.

Hope to see you there!
xo e


 I wish you a day full of color and cheer.
Consider giving yourself a valentine by thinking about the things, activities, and experiences that fill your heart.  The children in my creative journaling class discovered that their hearts are a big eclectic mix filled with things like whipped cream, fuzzy socks, lemonade, trees, popcorn, the ocean, painting, Harry Potter, bike riding, and pie.   I made the below heart based on a blend of some of my student's  suggestions. 
Just contemplating what makes you happy is a gift to yourself.  A little self-affirmation goes a long way.


good stuff! (give-away)

The ever talented and sweet Maeg of Edison Rex has offered a little package of joy for me to give away.  Maeg's work is a lovely blend of sweet and mysterious with some adventure to boot. And, you guys -- her work goes like hot cakes when she sells at the TWIST fair in Northampton, MA each spring and fall.  She also gave me a few special gifties, which I will be forever thankful for. Thanks, Maeg!

The lucky winner will receive both the "girls and cats" and "houses and hills" teeny tiny print trios and the "Everybody Just Wants to Be Happy" pocket mirror.  I keep one of her pocket mirrors in my bag, and I smile every time I look in that little mirror.  And, p.s., Maeg says that the printed area of each of the teeny tiny prints will fit within a 2 by 3 inch frame. 

To enter, follow both @maegyosef  and @redbirdcrafts on Twitter. If you don't have a Twitter account or if you are already following us there, then you can follow the Red Bird Crafts blog (right there in the sidebar)  and the Edison Rex blog. Please leave a comment on this post, and I'll choose a random winner on Sunday (2.12.12) at 11:00 p.m.  I'll announce the winner on Monday.  Due to shipping costs, I'm going to have to limit this one to the US only.  

The winner of the Edison Rex gift pack is Jessica from Zakka Life!  Congratulations Jessica!   Please contact me with your mailing address.  Thanks to all for their kind comments and follows. 

Big thanks and good luck to all!
xo e

v a l e n t i n e s

Here are a few of my lovey dovey crafts from the past.

heart magnets

fabric heart necklaces

heart rings

heart strings

conversation love rocks

heart clips

I promise to be back soon with news about my book (title sharing will be involved) and a give-away from a super talented local artist. Sorry for the delay in posting these days.  We've had some important life stuff to attend to. 

'Tis the season to hear scissors wildly snipping with bits of paper hearts scattered about the house.

xo e