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fabric heart necklaces :: remake

This project began as a garland, but ended up as a necklace. I just couldn't resist slinging the sweet little heart over my neck. So, in the end, it is a little fabric heart necklace perfect for giving to little ones (and big ones) for Valentine's Day. I made these for the girls to wear, but after I threw one around my neck, I was kind of feeling the vibe. I think I might try it with other shapes like birds and stars and apples. Another option is to have your child draw and cut out her or his own heart and use that for the necklace shape.

cereal box panels
sewing machine OR embroidery needle and floss
hole punch

How To:

1. You or your child draws a heart shape on the back of your favorite fabric. Cut out the shape, and place it right side up onto a piece of cereal box panel. I didn't affix the fabric to the panel with anything, but you could use a bit of Wonder Under or something to keep it in place.

2. Use your sewing machine, with a thick needle, to sew around the heart. You could also use a big embroidery needle and floss. Once the sewing is completed, trim away the excess cereal box panel.

3. Use the hole punch to make holes in the two tips of the heart. The punch will go through the fabric and cardboard, but you'll probably need to trim a bit of the fabric out of the hole to clean it up.

4. There are two ways to string the yarn, which are both pictured below. You can simply thread it through the back and then use a bit of glue to affix the yarn to the back of the heart (so it doesn't show when you turn it over). Or, you can thread pieces of yarn through the holes and then tie big, big, big knots so they don't slip off.

Our friends Rory and little smiley Jack were visiting this morning, and she happened to be wearing the most dreamy, soft, cashmere, sweater. I was dying to see what the necklace would look like against such beauty, and she was kind enough to model it for me. Side note: Rory is a felt loving, lovely who made me the most beautiful felt ball garland. It is hanging in Mouse's room and I will post pictures of it soon.

xo e