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conversation Love Rocks!

Love rocks! Just in time for Valentine's day. These conversation Love Rocks! have a heart on the front and a witty (or just plain sweet) message stamped on the back. Make your hearts skinny or bubbly or teeny tiny or really big - each rock ends up with its own little personality.

I used both fabric and paper with some Mod Podge for the hearts and a black stamp pad and mini alphabet stamps for the lettering. It is best to first fix your heart onto the stone with Mod Podge. Then, after the heart is dry, stamp the other side with your word(s). Once the lettering is dry, you can give that side a coat of Mod Podge as well. I chose to leave the lettering side plain (no Mod Podge).

One last little crafting note: I used a VersaCraft ink pad for the lettering because I use this ink pad for any kind of printing that is on a material other than paper (like fabric or wood). Since rocks are not paper, I went the VersaCraft route. This does not mean that another kind of ink pad won't work. You'll just have to try a few different kinds of ink pads and rock surfaces to see what works best. I recommend letting it dry overnight, and then, the next day, giving it the smudge test where you rub your thumb over the lettering.

Now, about that elephant in the room. I live in the northeast where we have over three feet of snow on the ground and a seemingly endless amount of snow days. I'm so sorry if you don't have any stones to work with. If you don't live in a climate where rock collecting is possible and you don't have some extra stones kicking around your house, then just collect some stones this spring and save 'em up for next year. Or, just make some spring rocks when the time comes: a big sunny sun with "you melt my heart" or a tree with "don't ever leave" or a flower with "pollinate me." That last one was a little sassy, right?

Make a few, put them in a little muslin sack, and give them to someone you love.

They might make nice paper weights?

This is definitely a fun kids craft. Chick cut out hearts to use for a whole bunch of love rocks! for her friends.I'll share photographs of those closer to Valentine's Day. Older kids can do the lettering as well as the cutting and gluing. You might even want to nibble on candy conversation hearts for inspiration: love bug, u r mine, sweet talk.

Maybe make a few tiny heart rocks with magnets to give as little magnet sets. Maybe?

love rocks!
heart rocks!
you rocks!

xo e