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Creative Toolbox: Wood

Today's creative tool is wood.  So simple, right?  It can bought or found, raw or finished, milled or fresh from the woods.  Pay attention to interesting shapes and textures as you walk through the woods, and watch for bags of scrap wood on deep discount at your hardware store.  It is a thrifty, and often beautiful, way to be creative and experimental. 

You can:
paint on wood
collage on wood
glue random things onto wood, like fabric

You can also make:
a hookboard out of wood
Story Blocks, a project from Show Me a Story
Altered Twigs and Driftwood

The possibilities are endless, really.  Just search Pinterest for wood + fabric or wood + felt or wood + paint.  You get the idea. 

Keep in mind that painting on wood can be a very different feeling than painting on canvas or paper.  It is porous and often textured, which means that your paintbrush needs to adjust for the bumps and ridges.

Happy hunting for wood!