hook board

If ever Miss Mouse feels the need to tidy up, she now has her own special place to do so. If ever.

I drew and cut the shapes with Chick by my side. She kept me in check by telling me when my designs looked nothing like what they were supposed to look like. This was infinitely helpful since the backpack definitely looked like a rocket ship at one point.

The board was scrap wood from our shed. I used paint and Mod Podge from my studio's shelves, the hooks were around $1.80 each at the hardware store, and origami paper was kicking it in my paper drawer, so this was definitely a remake made on the cheap.

Happy Friday.

xo e


  1. I like that. I think I'll keep this in my idea box :)

  2. I found your blog a while back and just love the things you make--including this one!

  3. ha. I like the sarcasm. and the project. xo

  4. Hi Emily!

    So fun to meet you today! What a great outpost you have here in blogland.

    I love the story-starting ideas, especially the circular chips. That has definitely made it onto my "quick, handmade gifts for kids" list.