art boards

Recently, I spent some time making art out of that bag of scrap wood I picked up a few months ago. Can you tell I have blue skies on my mind? I find myself drawn to working with that bag of scrap wood because of how each board is imperfect with scrapes and color variations.

Fabric covered bird on board painted with sky blue acrylic paint.

Wood bird with acrylic paint. I let the old board shine through as a bird, and painted the negative space in sky blue.

:: Isn't this counting bean bag tutorial from Chez Beeper Bebe super nifty? Her tutorial is clear and simple with bright, cheery photos.

:: Thinking about how lovely the Squam art workshop June session sounds . Dreamy!

:: Loved Maira Kalman's final installment of And the Pursuit of Happiness. It's nice to know there will be a book in October.

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  1. I'm craving the blue skies of spring. It is so cold in Denver! All bird art = delightful!

  2. Thanks for inspiring me. I've mentioned you on my blog today.


  3. so fun looking around your blog.
    i picked up your car at the hartsbrook school this winter and just found it again. maybe out paths will cross again.

  4. These are so beautiful! Thinking about what to hang on my walls, and these are really inspiring. Love your blog!