I've moved! New blog address.

My new website + blog is emilyneuburger.com.  Please visit me there!

If you have this site bookmarked in a blog reader, you'll want to switch to emilyneuburger.com.

Thanks, and see you in my new space!

xo emily

p i c t u r e d

* H and I zipped over to Northampton for some art supplies and to wander through the Tuesday Market.  It was a feast for the eyes, I tell you! Earthy, bright colors stretched far down the path.  H feasted on a chocolate chip cookie from one of our favorite coffee shops while I chatted and gazed.

* H and I walk to pick up her sister from school with banana in hand.

* A carefully spun web which must have taken all night to perfect.  We searched for the resting spider, but decided that she might be too sleepy to say "hello." 
* Edited : Word on the street is that this web might not be the making of a spider.  Thoughts?  Tips?

Some notes 

1. Yesterday was the last day of my creativity classes for the year.  Sigh. I already miss my amazing, talented, clever students.  

2.I've got a big behind the scenes project in the works that should be ready to be revealed by the end of June. 
* Note:  Pretend I didn't say that I have a big behind. 
3. Camping reservations with dear friends have been made. 

4. Library extraordinaire and dear friend Stephanie found a publicity version of my book at the Book Expo in NYC and took a photograph for me.  Eeeep!  Exciting!

And, now I must go make lunch, which might be cereal and milk.  But, that's pretty good for a Friday, yes?

Happy weekend to you!

xo e