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l u c k y

Now that my little one's pre-school has ended for the year, we've been spending lots of sunny mornings playing at the park.  This little friend hopped onto a brown paper bag last week, and once she was noticed, we found ourselves amazed at our luck to have met such a beautiful creature.   My daughter pointed out to me that its wings look like maple seeds and its legs like small twigs -- "for protection from hungry birds!" she exclaimed (because we had just seen and learned about the walking stick insect days prior).  This kind of eyes-to-the-ground, organic learning is so satisfying and it is a reminder to be mindful and present.   And, plus, I was so proud of our new little friend for choosing a nice coordinating background to strike such a distinguished pose.

Speaking of lucky, I randomly chose the four winners of Volume 6 of Alphabet Glue -- your names are listed below the original post. A big, giant thanks to Annie for her generosity! Winners should please contact me by email for further details.

This 4th day of June is cold and wet in Massachusetts, so we're off to jump in some puddles, go to the market,  and then maybe do a little bit of thrifting/treasure finding.  What plans await you?

xo e