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rainy day watercoloring

My friend Catherine once sent my family a sympathy card with this type of tape resist watercolor square on it, and I remember that when I held it in my hands it made me pause and feel so thankful for such kindness.  Not only was the card sweet and lovely, but it was also so beautiful.  And, I really needed beauty at that moment in time. 

We were in need of a little punch of color and cheer the other day, so I cut up some watercolor paper squares for the kids (I used a pack of 5" x 7" squares that I save for myself), I found a roll of old masking tape, and we used some liquid gauche and set of really nice caked watercolors.  
Just tape.  And, paint. Let dry.  And, peel.  
Be sure to smooth out any air bubbles in the tape or else paint will seep in.
We've used this technique before, and the children are always surprised to see what the end result looks like.  There are usually gasps and sighs.  And, actually, this activity is so, so nice to do with a group of children because of how they connect with each other as they watch the unmasking of the tape. It is an opportunity for children to be inspired by each other's ideas.   
I love that it is a satisfying way to play with color and pattern.  Sometimes, when I am working out some confusion surrounding color choices in my art, I'll make one of these to help think it through.  And, then I get fancy wall art as a little bonus.

Do send photographs if you end up making some.  I'd love to see!

xo e