summer stay

These are some photos from our time visiting our dear friends Kel and Joe in New Hampshire.  It was one of the hottest weekends in July, which meant lots of cool dips in the lake down the road, quiet reading in front of the fan, on the spot summery white sangria, and (of course) home brew from the kegerator. 

We ate from the garden with a side of the best oatmeal bread in the entire world.  There was something so perfectly sweet about this particular summer adventure. The combination of the garden and catching up with people we love in days filled with possibility made it a true vacation. We scrapped plans to find a restaurant and picnicked with Indian food at the ocean.  I'm sure these three days will be a big part of what flashes in my mind when I think back to this long, steamy summer.
 b e r r y    b u c k e t s
h a n d    c a r v e d   h o m e    b r e w   t a p s    {cozies knit by Kel}

We left our friends feeling filled and nourished with all good things.

xo e


  1. Hi Emily! Love these pix! Might you be able to source your oatmeal bread? (was it purchased or from a recipe?) I love oatmeal bread! :) Melissa

  2. Oh, Melissa. I wish I could send you the recipe. Whenever I see her, my friend Kelly buys me a loaf from Bread and Roses Bakery in Concord, NH. It is the perfect blend of sweet and malty and earthiness. Sigh. I wish I knew more. :)

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