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Each Wednesday I post about some sort of treasure I found during the past week. It might be thrifted or found on a walk or whispered in my ear or discovered on a dark shelf in the basement. Something. Anything that makes me feel lucky and thankful. It doesn't necessarily have to make its way home with me - it just has to be noticed. The idea is for it to cost very little and feel very big. After all, this isn't about acquiring new things; it is about paying better attention to the world around me.

If you discovered a treasure this week (a new friend, a snow fairy, a fancy dish at the thrift store, a bird's nest) please do share it, as well as any links, in the comments section below.

Our dear friends gave Chick a sweet little plum tree just after she was born.  It sat at their house during our move, and by the end of that autumn, it was barely alive with no leaves on it at all.  I remember sitting on their pavement steps, digging my nail into a branch unveiling a bit of green deep in the center.  In that green core, I saw a bit of hope,  and I was determined to make it healthy again.  For the past five or so years, we've given it compost and mulch and love.  Last year it flowered, but didn't produce fruit, and we were pretty sure it wasn't going to be a fruit bearing tree.  At first,  I was, admittedly, a bit disappointed, and I told the girls that what we have is an ornamental plum tree.  It is enough, though, - I remember thinking - just to have our almost dead tree have its deep green leaves arrive each season.

And, then kapow! This summer, our little friend decided to grow five plump, purple jewels.  They are the juiciest, sweetest snacks imaginable, and we are savoring each one.  These plums make me think about expectations and waiting and unexpected gifts.  It is kind of ridiculous that I was so surprised that our plum tree gave us plums.  Ah hem.   But, I was.  And, I think it is because I had stopped wanting anything from it -- except for what it was.  I had decided that a little green tree was enough for us.

I am reminded to be present in as many moments as possible during our days and to find beauty in what is -- instead of focusing on what could be.  This, I think, makes life's surprise treasures so much sweeter.

 xo e