kid rocks!

Here is a little sneak peak at our Valentine making festivities today. Chick made 22 (+ 3 for her three classroom teachers) love rocks, and Mouse made two for both of her teachers (plus a bunch of extras to use for her "rock show").

And by festivities, I mean two peppy kids happily gluing hearts onto rocks while two tired, sick parents sip tea and cough into tissues. Laundry really isn't my thing, but this yucko virus has made me fantasize about washing every single germ off of every single piece of cloth in our house.

Enough about germs, though. To me, Valentine's Day has always felt like a big splash of bright paint that pools into our grayish, powdery, white, winter world. I really do like celebrating a bit with notes and hearts and tiny tokens of love. It makes me happy.

Sending love.

xo e


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  2. Sending love right back at you, my far away valentine. Happy to see you are finding joy again (well, joy amidst the sniffles, anyway). S keeps talking excitedly about her summer slumber party with C and M. I'm looking forward to it too!

  3. These are so cute. Looks like the little ones enjoyed it!