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trim the wall. trim it all.

I'm so not done playing with felt and yarn and beads. I was laughing at myself this morning because I really needed to fold more laundry (still folding) and meet some deadlines, but I straight up didn't want to clean up my beads. I paused, recognized that it really is so hard to stop in the middle, and tidied up so I could continue on with my day.

A few months ago, Chick learned to draw five point stars and since then she has been drawing them every chance she gets. I find little five point stars on the steamy windows after I shower and on envelopes waiting to be recycled. It is totally her new tag, and I find them everywhere. One afternoon last week, I asked Chick to use her Sharpie to draw stars on the back of some wool felt. I cut them out - mostly staying true to her designs, but enlarging them a bit, and I've been using them for ornaments and decorations. You'll notice that the backs of the stars have her Sharpie star lines on them.
This project is a cross between the beaded strings in this post and this.

One tip just in case you decide to make this project at home. I used a needlepoint needle to thread the beads and the felt shapes. A needlepoint needle is super big and thick with an eye that is big enough for yarn. In order to get the needle through the cereal box, felt, and fabric, I first used an embroidery needle to puncture the fabric, thus creating a tiny hole, which allowed my big fat needlepoint needle (with yarn) to go right on through.
The felt bird is backed by dotty fabric (reversible!), and the felt star is backed with cereal box. The next felt star project involves more cereal box and it can be used as a way to give gifties this holiday season. Look for it on Monday.

xo e