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resurfacing and a nut grinder

Oh my. Well, it isn't Monday and I told you guys I'd be back on Monday. I blame it on Weeds (we found the series on Netflix play now) and the holidays and an exciting new project I have been working on (which I will tell you more about in the next week or so).

The bustle of the holidays completely swept me away. Throw some car troubles, a few deadlines, a trip to Boston, and a huge pile of new/old furniture (generously given to us by my Auntie Lynn and Uncle Michael) into the mix and it was packed to the brim with activity.

Oh, and good news! I overcame my irrational fear of being a passenger in humongous vehicles! Tom drove (and I sat in) a 14 foot truck to Willow NY where we picked up our furniture and my new nut grinder.

Which do I love more - nut grinder or furniture? I'm not telling.

The adventure was pure loveliness. I spent the afternoon caressing (and packing) many of my Aunt's sweet treasures, and we got three hours with one of my most favorite people - my cousin Chris. (Missed you so much Nick. This year is our year.) On our drive home, we ate amazing brick oven pizza at an authentic NY pizza joint. My crispy, warm slice had broccoli sauteed in garlic, slices of tomato, blobs of ricotta, and a thin layer of mozzarella. So good! Once we returned home, there were three days full of rearranging, rotating, and switcheroos.

And, here I am. Taking photos of our snowy surroundings, and preparing for a our next snowfall. By preparing, I mean making sure that the kids brought their snow pants home from school, bringing our snow shovels in from the backyard, and buying buttermilk, so we can bake muffins and maybe pancakes during the snow day tomorrow.

A shrinking, frozen sugar pumpkin.

Doesn't it look like this bush made its own beaded garland string in celebration of winter?

The little patch of woods beside our house.

Happy winter day to you - wherever you are.

xo e