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These are a few of the little people story stones that I made as part of the collection for the Brooklyn Lyceum Food and Craft Market .

Tom found this glorious little bird's nest snug in the corner of the ceiling in our wood shed. I can't get over the layer of moss on the outside. Isn't it just perfectly beautiful? That mama bird is so my idol.

Why won't my almost 2 1/2 year old Miss Mouse nap? Why? Why? Why? Sorry, just had to complain to you guys. Now I'm off to rescue her from her snug bed. Maybe, I should hot glue a layer of moss around her crib?

Happy weekend.

xo e


  1. Love your story stones! They are beautiful.

  2. I like the story stones, too.
    My little granddaughters are fussy about naps just now, too. I think it's the change of seasons.

  3. I like the stones very much... how do you stick the symbols on the stones? normal glue? Greetings from Austria ;)

  4. Thanks, lovelies!

    To my Austrian friend: There is a Story Stone tutorial here: http://redbirdcrafts.blogspot.com/2009/04/mouse-stones.html. Have fun!

    Pom Pom: Phew! Thanks for the perspective. I'll just chalk it up to the change in seasons!

  5. Hi again! thanks for the link!!! I think I'll try too... first must find out what kind of glue mod podge is ;)
    what do you think if i try to make these stones too and present them on my blog? of course I'd give a link to your blog too - so everyone can see where I found inspiration. Please let me know. maybe via mail: kreativberg@gmail.com - thanks!!

  6. Hello! I am in love with the story stones, I just recently started a blog called 7 months of Christmas and would like to feature your story stones in a future post :) Please contact me if you are interested.

  7. I also love the story stone..I have never seen such artistic thing in my entire life.