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bees are our friends. kind of.

Do bees use sign lanuage?
Why do some lizards' tails break off?
Are humans predators because we eat chickens and stuff?

These are just a few of the questions that randomly popped into Chick's head yesterday. Very Earth Day appropriate, right? Bees have been on her mind lately because between the copious amount of dandelions in our yard and our full, flowering crab apple tree, our outside space is buzzzzz central. Bees and their hard work and uber-importance present a challenge for Chick. On the one hand, she is dying to appreciate them for all the hard work they do, and on the other hand, her feelings were so, so, so hurt when she was stung last summer. She vividly remembers the sting and she is scared it will happen again. So, as it often goes, we've been talking a lot about bees, and how it won't be fun if we sit inside only because we are avoiding something that probably won't happen. And, I am reminded of all of the "bees" in my life - the projects, the big questions, the unknowns. They feel a little too intimidating or new or uncharted, and I realize that I am intimately familiar with Chick's tendency to retreat and to stay where it is safe. Just like Chick, I can convince myself that I am better off. But, she does have the ability to surprise me in a way that still catches me off guard even though, by now, it probably shouldn't

I think it was two days ago that she spontaneously leaped outside, running as hard as she could, laughing - all on her own. Bees were buzzing all about her head, and it was as if she didn't notice a single one. I promise I'm not exaggerating - we really have an exorbitant amount of bumble bees, wasps, tiny little bees, etc., and as of late, Chick tends to be on guard while playing amongst the flowers. I wondered if she was intentionally not paying attention or if she was caught up in her joy and just didn't notice. But, really, I don't think it matters. There she was playing and laughing in the midst of the very thing that had been weighing heavily on her mind for days. And, in that moment, it seemed as if she just really didn't mind, not even a little bit. Watching her play that day helped me remember that running hard is what I eventually do too. It's just that sometimes I need to be reminded.

xo e