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I am recovering from my first ever full blown sinus infection. Who knew it could be so intense and incredibly persistent? Wowzers! I tried to cure it with all of the regular home remedies like steam, tea, spicy food, garlic, but in the end, a dose of antibiotics seems to be what is helping it to heal and not throb, throb, throb.

While we were nestled in at home and in our vacation mode last week, I made a quick trip to The Trading Post - a little thrift/vintage/refurbished furniture store, which is just around the corner from our house. It is right next door to The Moan and Dove, which is a ridiculously well stocked beer bar. Side note: Tom and I often joke that our baby monitors would certainly function only .15 miles away, and we dream of sipping hoppy specialty ales while our kiddos sleep soundly at home. Joke, joke, joke. Anyway, I've mentioned some of my thrifty finds from this store before. This time, I really lucked out because they had a little old printer's tray, which has been on my "find that for a reasonable price" list for the past year.

I had fun putting lots of my little treasures in it. Those sweet crocheted thimbles were given to me by a long lost graduate school friend. I love them so. The little salt shakers with red tops were $1 each from The Trading Post.

And, they had a nice little vintage set of office shelves that fits perfectly next to our computer. We were desperately in need of a place to store pens, envelopes, books, and other office stuff, and I love that we found something used and absolutely perfect.

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  1. a printer's drawer is on my find list too. Nice job!

  2. Love your blog, great craft ideas!

  3. Hi Emily!
    Printer's trays ARE wonderful and your little things look so dear! I'm so glad you are feeling better. This must be the season for sore sinuses. I love your simple creative images. So inspiring!

  4. Why oh why do we never go to this store together?

    Sorry to hear about the sinus infection. I had my first last year and I have to say -- I was shocked at the colors in the tissue. (TMI? But seriously! Shocked!)

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