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When Tom and I sat down with our girls to remember 2009, we quickly shot knowing glances to each other. How can we even think of our fond memories of the past year when we experienced such deep, unfathomable loss? I was instantly reminded of standing shaky beside my Tom, with broken hearts, as we grieved for the loss of our dear friend - one of his closest childhood friends. Oh, the emptiness his parents, siblings, and wife must be feeling right now. And, I was reminded of being in a sterile hospital room whispering goodbye to Tom's grandfather when just a mere two months prior, he was standing healthy and strong in our kitchen. These days, when I stare into Tom's eyes long enough, I see what he has lost, and my heart aches for him.

Yet, in the same complicated, knowing glance it was clear that we must also reflect on the blessings and joys of this past year. And, there were many.

A summary of our favorite 2009 memories

* going to the beach in Maine
* our new swing set
*Mouse learns to sing the alphabet
*Papa brews lots of beer
*Chick likes soup for the first time (hoorah!)
*Great Nanny turns 90!
*Papa begins his new job at Smith College (and loves it)
*baby Finn was born (our sweet cheeked nephew)
*playing with our big family at Grandma and Grandpa's lake house
*Chick rides a horse for the first time
*Mama began her blog on 1.1.09
*riding the ferry in the early morning hours with Nana and Gramps
*Mouse speaks in full sentences
*Chick begins to write words
*new foamy soap (made out of tea tree oil and vanilla)

We watched as Mouse danced around the room and Chick trembled with excitement when she remembered the things she loved most about the past year. And, we smiled.

In the midst of all of this reflecting, I realized that tomorrow is my blog's one year anniversary. Hoorah! Last year, on 1.1.09, I cozied up on the couch and decided to document many of my crafty experiments and pursuits. And, here I am, one year later, with a significantly weaker laptop battery and a weekly project that motivates and engages me in ways that I have never felt before. I am ever so inspired by the artful, mindful, thoughtful blogging community that I have discovered this year. Thank you to every single reader who has read, commented, asked a question, or sent me words of encouragement on this blog (or in person). Each comment and email rocks my world (except mean ones, which, luckily, I haven't experienced yet)! I'm not just saying that, guys. I LOVE hearing from you. The tips and resources and suggestions are some of the best gifts I have been given this past year. For real. And, just knowing that there are people out there reading makes me so happy.

Chick cut out the numbers 1-8. Just because. Oh, how I love that wee number 8.

Late this afternoon, we're going to a little New Year's Eve party at the home of one of Chick's classmates, and then we plan to snuggle by the fire with Indian food and a good movie. I remember days when finding something exciting to do on New Year's Eve felt really important, and I'm sure I'll return to that feeling one day. But, for now, on this cold snowy evening, having the kids tucked safely in bed and snuggling up with my love is exactly what I want to be doing when it becomes tomorrow.

Much peace to you and yours in the new year!

xo e