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Valentine's Day Fortunes

This Valentine's Day, instead of giving away hearts and candy, we're gifting fortunes.   I love the tradition of giving our friends sweet messages and tiny handmade tokens in the depth of winter. If you live in the northeast, you know how much we are all looking forward to something that will distract us from the unending snowfall.  So, yay!, fortunes!
We designed something that looks like it might come from one of those old fashioned fortune telling machines, like in the movie Big.  We used kraft paper and washi tape to make the small envelope.  We printed the word "fortune" on a piece of colored paper, and used the paper slicer to cut it into strips.  Then, we glued the label onto the envelopes, and stuffed a fortune inside each one.  The children decided that each fortune should have a tiny picture drawn with an art pen and filled in with colored pencils.

The best part about this idea is that the kids get to tailor the fortunes to the personalities of their friends. These are some of the fortunes that came out of our thinking session from the other night:

You are a strong climber.  The next time you climb something tall, you'll have a brilliant idea.
Sometime today, your smile will brighten will make a sad person feel happy.
On the next clear night, count 20 stars and make a wish.  A portion of the wish will come true.
Pay attention to round things.  They will be important in achieving a big goal.
The number 5 is important for you this month.  Pay attention and use the number wisely.

Maybe swirling your hands around a big glass marble/crystal ball might help with the fortune telling? 
Happy weekend, my friends!