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Friday Favorites

1. I bought these self-stick speech bubble note pads the other day.  I opened the package this morning, and encouraged the rocks on my desk to engage in a little chit chat.  I can't wait to see what the children do with them later.  These are a wonderful tool for creative writing!

2. My friend Ariana directed me to this article.  It is the story of a photographer, Nicholas Nixon, who took photographs of the same four sisters for forty years. It is a beautiful take on the journey of sisterhood.  Their faces change with time.  Each one seems to hold more of something. And yet -- we know nothing because there isn't a verbal story to go along with the photos.  The columnist writes: "This is what endurance looks like....With each passing year, the sisters seem to present more of a united front."  The mother-of-three in me shed some tears.

3. Yoga Joes! The classic green army men doing yoga.  My friend Melicia posted about these on her Facebook page.  Brilliant!  I'm going to back their Kickstarter campaign.

4. This gorgeous print of two fawns.  via Design Sponge.

5. Abby Glassenberg posted her 3rd Quarter Income Report (she has posted the other quarters as well) on her blog this week.  Her analysis helps her to do broader scale planning for her business, and by displaying it publicly, it helps other small business owners figure out the best way to nurture and grow their businesses.  It is a brave and generous.  Thank you, Abby!

Happy weekending!