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Creative Toolbox: The Clipboard

Today's featured creative tool is a clipboard.  These handy hard surfaces make writing and drawing on-the-go a breeze.  Somehow, the purposefulness of the clip always makes me feel really clear that I am doing important, creative work.  Clip blank note cards or a stack of blank pieces of paper onto the board and give it to yourself or child as an invitation to write notes, draw, or doodle. 

A small clipboard is super affordable, but you can also find them in thrift stores or when family and friends have desk/office clean-outs.  You might even find 5+ in the office clean-out scenario (cough, cough).  I do love the plain, mute background of the standard masonite board because it makes colorful artwork pop.

My children like to display their work on clipboards.  In doing so, they become portable frames for showcasing the work they are most proud of.

I love to cozy up with a board on the couch, and then I can bring my drawing to my studio table for some finishing touches.  The visibility of the boards help me to keep my works in progress truly  works in progress.

You'll most likely find clipboards if you wander through your local office supply shop. Or, you can find them here (this is an Amazon Affiliate link).

I liked reading Austin Kleon's take on clipboards.
These DIY rustic clipboards on A Beautiful Mess.