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On Friday night, we arrived home from a week at the ocean. Considering how frightening and worrisome the past month and a half has been for my family,  I was sure we were ready for a happy adventure. A visit to the sea seemed like just the thing to recharge our spirits.  Looking back, I should have known that driving away from my town, the place where my father fell ill and is now recovering, was going to be nearly impossible. Nearly, but I did it!  I was shaky and teary when it was time to leave, but after a few good conversations, I found my place in our stuffed car.  And, I'm so glad I did.
This kind of beauty was so good for my mind.  The thing about the ocean is that it reminds me to just be in the moment because of how quickly everything changes with the tides.  Just when I think we've found the perfect wading spot, it becomes an island, and then dry land.  And, when we want to find the same swimming spot the next day, we'll have to come at a different time of day.  The ever-changing ocean is a lesson in letting go of what is coming next, and being at peace with what is here now.

But, hey, some things are always the same:  the wet skirts, the drippy hats, the splashing in the waves.
The chocolate.  (This was dark chocolate dipped at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orelans, MA. I HIGHLY recommend a trip if you are anywhere nearby)
Here is my oldest, scanning for turtles.
And, my youngest, asleep after a long day.
Sister yoga at the Wellfleet Bird Sanctuary.

There was also fried fish, clams, margaritas, miniature golfing, bicycling, playing in waves, etc. etc.

And, now, onto the next summer adventure: camp for the two oldest and projects in the house for me and the baby.  Onward.

Most photographs are from my Instagram: @redbirdcrafts.