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We spent the long weekend swimming and boating at the family lake house in New York.  As soon as the children land there, shoes are off, bathing suits are stretched on, sunscreen is caked on, and I really only spend time with them at meals and bed time.  It is a true child's extravaganza!

I treated myself to a run around the lake, and found treasure after treasure the whole way around.
 Something to celebrate.
A free table! With vintage pillow cases and fabric!  Of course, this meant that I looked like a slightly crazy minded person -- running while gripping a large pile of old pillow cases. 
 The old country store. 
These look prehistoric to me.  Dinosaurs, yes?
 I paused here to think about the people that I love who are gone.
 And, then the meadow trail on the dam trail home.  This is my favorite part.

This was on our drive home to some very muggy, summery Massachusetts weather.

Happy almost summer to you, lovely friends!

xox e