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Garden Party Bunting

This past weekend, we had a garden party birthday celebration for my mother. She turned an important number with a five in it, and we decided we needed to infuse some celebration into a year and a half that has been, at times, bumpy.
And, so there we were with the bright sun, family and friends that we adore, plentiful food and drink, and chatter that drifted into the breeze.  The day reminded me of one of my favorite books, All in a Day.  All you have is this day, this moment, and we can find our way home whenever we wish.
In order to bring color and cheer into the day, I sewed a few paper buntings to string about the yard and porch.  It is quite simple and quick to do, and they really did make the day feel extra special.

brown paper bags
paint & brushes
sewing machine (or hole punch and yarn)

Step 1 : Cut the bags open and paint the inside, blank part of the bags.  Use a few different colors.
Step 2 : Make a triangle template for tracing using the cardstock.

Step 3 : Use the template to trace triangles onto the printed part of the bag, and cut out.
Step 4 : Using your sewing machine on a straight stitch, gently sew nothing for about 6 inches.  This will give you a nice, thin cord for hanging your bunting.  
Step 5 : Feed the first triangle under the foot, and sew.  Sew nothing again for 2 or so inches (adjust spacing according to your design) and then feed the next triangle under the foot. Continue until you have the completed bunting. 

Step 6 : When you are finished sewing triangles, sew nothing again for another 6 inches.  This will be the other end of the bunting.

Note : Those of you without sewing machines can use yarn and a hole punch to string your bunting!  Don't let the sewing part stop you.

Step 7 : Make loops at both ends for hanging.

This bunting will turn any old day into a fancier day.   Sometime we need that kind of transformation, yes? 

xo e