p i c t u r e d

* cotton candy colored ice cream truck

* Sunday morning bead game: what does this pattern or grouping of colors make you think of? This specific one was campfire with marshmallows.

*Sophia the kitty wants to come along too.

*Green bowls, which I inherited from my Nanny.

*Green bowls in their new home in my cupboard.

*A cute yellow kitchen thing also inherited from my Nanny.  I think it is a perfect popcorn butter warmer. 

*Thinking at my studio table.

Now, I'm off to pack for a little mid-week overnight with friends.  Hoorah! 

xo e


  1. Actually that "cute little yellow thing" was inherited from your Mama and ended up at your nanny's house!

  2. Actually that funny yellow thingie is a "cevze" ("jazvaah")=coffee pot. You can make turkish coffee with it: for each cup (use italian espresso cups if you can't find proper turkish coffee cups) put one teaspoon finely ground (turkish) coffee, one cup cold water and sugar according to taste and heat slowly untill froth forms on top. Tip into cup and enjoy with a piece of turkish delight! :D