I wish you a day full of color and cheer.
Consider giving yourself a valentine by thinking about the things, activities, and experiences that fill your heart.  The children in my creative journaling class discovered that their hearts are a big eclectic mix filled with things like whipped cream, fuzzy socks, lemonade, trees, popcorn, the ocean, painting, Harry Potter, bike riding, and pie.   I made the below heart based on a blend of some of my student's  suggestions. 
Just contemplating what makes you happy is a gift to yourself.  A little self-affirmation goes a long way.


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  1. You inspire me! For my Preschool class, I cut out fabric hearts and Mod Podged them on to rocks. I told my sons, "I don't know why but this is making me very happy!". I made too many, so randomly gave them away, or left them behind...at the library, at the store, on a ledge. Thank you for sharing your gifts!