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Sparkly Star Garland


This is a super simple garland tutorial that will make your home quietly sparkle.  The glittery package paper seems to be the just-right amount of sparkle for me.  

brown paper bag
gold or silver glitter paint (I used FolkArt Extreme Glitter)
star template (hand drawn is fine)
mini pompoms

1.  Cut open the paper bag and paint the plain side with the glitter.  I used paint that just added gold glitter rather than paint that was an actual color.  This makes the glitter and color a bit more subtle, but if you are looking for something a bit more punchy, then I think gold paint would be great.  As I mentioned the other day, I was inspired by my friend Catherine's garland and she used gold paint.
It isn't everyday that Mouse gets to paint with glitter.  Fancy pants.

2.  Once it is dry, draw stars on the non-painted side, and then cut them out.
3. Gather pompoms, stars, thread and needle in preparation for stringing.
4. Thread the needle with thread (no need for a knot).  First thread a pompom, then a star, then another pompom.......in that order until all are threaded and you've ended with a pompom.
*Notes on threading the stars:  So they won't flip forward, thread a little bit above the center of the star.  Place the needle into the front of the star and then out through the back in order to hide the thread behind the star.

5.  Spread the garland on the floor, glitter side down, and space the stars and pompoms as you'd like them to hang.  Place tape or little dots of glue on the backsides of the stars to keep the thread in place.

We hung ours high over our fireplace and the gold stars shimmers with the light of the fire.  

Our tree is in.
Our stars are in.
Our hearts are still a little bit outside. (the bright sunshine calls to us)

xo e