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Just when I thought the end of summer would slip seamlessly into the busier days of September, I noticed one of my daughter's bathing suits hanging on a doorknob, and I felt a pang.  This is the summer where Chick learned to swim, where neighborhood walks and bike riding was the rule, where we ate breakfast at 10 and dinner at 7.  The days felt warm and slow.  And, so, I am preparing myself for a bit of sadness at saying goodbye. 

The children start school next week, and we've spent this week -- our last full one of the summer -- doing regular things.  The moments I end up remembering and loving most about summer are found in the slow trips around town, the quiet afternoons at the town pool, picking vegetables at our farm, listening to chatter of the girls and their friends playing in the woods next to our house, picnics at the park.   The endless togetherness is what makes summertime feel so important.  Throw in a bunch of adventures and road trips, and I've been a happy clam.
Yesterday, my two were knee deep (literally) in sidewalk chalk.  They used a bucket of water to create sidewalk chalk paint and sidewalk chalk "mud,"  which made the colors dense, thick, and vibrant.  I watched them smile as they lathered it on their hands and packed it down with their feet.  Afterwards,  their bodies were rainbow tie-dyed, so they went from the outside right into the shower.  How summery is that?
Whether you are bound for a late summer adventure or just simply appreciating the quiet harmony of togetherness at home, enjoy your end of summer days.

xo e