Each Wednesday I post about some sort of treasure I found during the past week. It might be thrifted or found on a walk or whispered in my ear or discovered on a dark shelf in the basement. Something. Anything that makes me feel lucky and thankful. It doesn't necessarily have to make its way home with me - it just has to be noticed. The idea is for it to cost very little and feel very big. After all, this isn't about acquiring new things; it is about paying better attention to the world around me.
If you discovered a treasure this week (a new friend, a snow fairy, a fancy dish at the thrift store, a bird's nest) please do share it, as well as any links, in the comments section below.

  I found these pillow covers at a tag sale recently.  I love the old timey floral pattern with the washed out aqua and punchy lime green. 
 The fact that they zip shut is satisfying.  And, maybe the pillows will be less dusty?
Less dust and more flowers.  I'll take that.

xo e


  1. I found your blog through a google search on Mod Podge. I love your tutorials, and that you find simple things to do that bring joy to your little ones. I'm crafty like that, too. Anyway, I just wanted to share: my morning was one big frustrating phone call after another. Anyway, at 11:58am I called someone and though she did not know me she was so kind to me. And she had to call me back in the morning, but she was so sincere about wanting to talk to me - it made my day so much less terrible. Yay for the kindness of a stranger!

  2. Yes, Caren, the kindness of strangers is one of my favorite treasures of all! Thanks for visiting. Hope you come again! e