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xo emily

s u n n y

Most of the long, summery weekend was spent writing and crafting.  Some of it was spent eating at one of my most favorite restaurants and sipping sangria on my porch with dear friends.  Almost none of it was spent with my kiddos and husband.  Tom took the children on a lakeside adventure, so I could work, work, work towards my deadline

When they arrived home yesterday afternoon, we squished a weekend's worth of lazy backyard frolic into five hours.  It was Tom's birthday, and I had plenty of quiet, alone time to plan for a slow summery backyard celebration.

 new flowers ready to be planted in our planter
 strawberry rhubarb pie
 basil plants in a backyard planter
 chives growing healthy and strong
 Tom's birthday gift: 10 raspberry & 5 blackberry bushes.  We spent almost the whole evening making plans for our new berry patch. 
 The wee baby bunny, who lives under our porch, was nibbling on some sort of tender green.
  Don't you just want to squeeze her cheeks?

xo e

p.s. The milk glass bowl, which is holding the strawberries above, was just listed in my shop this morning.

Happy day to you.