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This spring I've been spending time drawing with my  non-dominant hand.   This technique has produced lots of wobbly leaves, spindly stems, and skinny crooked houses.  As it turns out, this sort of thing is perfect material for storytelling.  The kids and I have been using our drawings to tell imaginative outside tales.  The other day, as I was settling down for a tiny afternoon nap, my eyes were closed and a yellow, stitched bird came to me.  And, so, the next day, I made it.   I think it would be  a nice start to a set of story telling cards.

Using my sewing machine as a drawing utensil gives my illustrations a airy, curious quality, which I quite like.

With pencil, lightly draw a shape (I drew the bird) onto watercolor paper.

Use your sewing machine to follow your pencil lines.  Don't worry about being too careful and perfect.  Erase your pencil lines, and then tie off the ends of the thread on the back and use a very thin layer of glue to secure. Once dry, fill in your drawing with watercolors.

Oh, and it is kind of like my sew-a-sprout tutorial from last spring.

taaa weeeeeeeeet. tweet. tweet. tweet.  (says the blue jay living in the bush outside my study)

xo e