left hand leaves

So, anyway, about left handed drawing (or drawing with your non-dominant hand).   I find the process magical and super satisfying because it allows me to draw with intention, and it frees my mind enough so that I am drawing what I see rather than what I think I should be seeing.  It ends up feeling like a form of meditation: a time to just see, to just be, and to let my hands and mind create from a peaceful, uncluttered place. It always feels like a bonus because I end feeling calm and clear, and I get to keep little souvenirs from my meditative journey.  Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing by Frederick Franck is my most favorite resource for this artistic process.  He offers examples of his own inspiring work, and suggests ways to allow your mind to empty a bit.

 The practice always ends with imperfection and wobbly lines, which I really love. 

This seemed like a nice way to capture the natural world right now because isn't the beginning of spring perfectly imperfect? 
I typically draw with a thin Sharpie marker and then paint with watercolors because I like my imperfect lines to remain visible.  I tested out acrylics with some of the paintings above (like with the daffodil shoots), and I definitely liked using watercolors more.  And, p.s., I paint with my dominant hand.

If you do some non-dominant handed drawing, will you share?

xo e


  1. I'm totally taking Natalie outside and doing this this weekend. Thanks for the share! xo k And oh, the Papas being away! I hear that, perhaps we will have to look into your elephant story as well for next week, when Dan is gone, yet again!

  2. sometime in middle school we did an exercise in art class where the goal was, like you said, to draw what you see, not what you think you see. we were given papers with sketches of a man and we had to turn the paper upside down and copy it that way. I think the idea, specifically, was to look at the individual lines and not the shapes, because that's when your mind takes control over your hand. it felt as awkward as drawing with a non-dominant hand, I'll tell ya that.


  3. Wow thanks a lot for sharing this with us, loving these leaves!!

  4. This is such a great activity and I had no idea that it could have meditative benefits - gotta give it a try! I'll be sharing on The Crafty Crow too!

    1. Thanks, Cassi! So happy to hear that you have plans to try it. :)