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Yesterday, the kids were given a set of dot markers. Woah boy! I had no idea they would love them as much as they do. My entire afternoon was filled with: dot, dot, dot, dot. They've been madly dotting as many pieces of scrap paper they can find. Mouse loves the pound, pound, pound feeling of using them. Chick loves the watercolory way the dot colors can blend together.

Yesterday, Chick created a little tutorial for Mouse. She was teaching her how to make colorful cards with a blank square in the center, and in the midst of her lesson, she asked that I take pictures. I did.

I love what she made.

She taped a square of card stock onto a bigger pieces of paper and used the dot markers all over the paper. Gently lifting the card stock square off of the paper is the most fun part. Of course.

I'm going to lend her my double stick tape, so she can make them without the tape getting in the way.

This is some chalk art frozen under a patch of ice on our driveway. I feel like it goes along with Chick's dot art in a frozen pavement, outside kind of way.

xo e