brunchy sunday

Good friends of ours came to the house for Sunday brunch.

We ate heartily and played two rounds of Go Fish.

I almost skipped baking our favorite coffee cake, but Tom insisted. Twist my arm.

It came out rich and eggy with the perfect amount of crispy, sweet topping. We ate it warm from the oven. It got me thinking: if Sunday could transform into a single bite of food, maybe this would be it. Or, maybe apricot jam and tangy goat cheese on toast? No need to choose, I suppose.

It is raining. I think I'll make soup and be cozy today.
And, fold laundry. Forever.

Oh, and I know I mentioned it on Saturday, but I now tweet on Twitter: @redbirdcrafts. And, there is a new Twitter situation in my sidebar.

Happy Monday.
xo e

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