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xo emily

gettin' crafty

Kel is wonderful. She is one of my oldest, dearest friends, and the above box of garden yarn is hers. She loves bread and perogies and sheep, and she remembers all of the random stuff - like how ten years ago, when we went to a Greg Brown concert, the guys at the table next to us laughed and laughed non-stop (even through the solemn parts). I would have forgotten that.

She is a beautiful, talented knitter and textile designer, and she manages and teaches classes at The Elegant Ewe in Concord, NH. Up until this weekend, I've been an spotty knitter - knitting a few things, forgetting, knitting again, and then forgetting again. This weekend was all about finding the right project and sticking with it (and having Kel's expert eyes and hands to help). Kel, my mom, and I spent the day shopping for yarn, eating Goberry, knitting, and eating homemade pizza, corn chowder, and oatmeal bread from Bread & Chocolate Bakery. We swapped knitting lessons for sewing lessons, which made it feel like an honest to goodness craft swap weekend.

At my mama's house.

Kel, Tom, and I drank wine and fancy drinks and talked into the night. For old times sake, we bought a bottle of slightly fizzy, candy wine (Moscatel).

Some buds, which are not blooming. (they will soon, though!)

My mama's sweater yarn.

Here I am balling yarn for my red hat. I have this thing with balls of yarn. I think they are so cute, like the way lambs are cute.

I spent the rest of the weekend writing and working on a project, which has an approaching deadline. Knitting and sipping and nibbling was a much needed bit of balanced time.

Off to pick up my kindergarten lovely. More soon.

xo e