a royal birthday

Chick turned six, and she wanted to have a royal celebration where a few of her friends came dressed as queens, kings, princesses or princes (or anything royal-ish). One of her friends came dressed as a woodland messenger of sorts.

The children made crowns, listened while I read from some royal story books, and then they played a royal storytelling game.

They each chose three story starters from the basket and were challenged to draw pictures and write a story, which included all three ideas. There was some giggling and lots of quiet thinking.

Chick's three story starters were: telescope, mushroom, and a present. Her story was about a girl who lost her present, which was a golden ring. There were some twists and turns, and the ring ended up being discovered by the use of a telescope (of course!). The mushroom was magical and intertwined in there too somehow. Since working on her story, I've noticed lots of other little makeshift books and stories popping up at home.

Tom and I have been finding that we, too, like to dip our hands into the basket o' prompts. It is fun to be surprised, and we end up telling tiny dinner tales.

Happy weekend!

xo e


  1. will you plan my birthday? I want to come and live with you for a week, sit in the corner and observe

  2. Hi Emily! So glad I was able to check your blog out! I love it! Thank you for sharing it with me. Aaron was napping while I had a chance to browse, but woke up as I was posting. Shared with him Chick's birthday party (sounded adorable...and a happy belated birthday!) Thinking of starting with the puppet theater, very creative idea. Will try touching base later to see how everyone is doing. Keep up the great work and love to the family. Karyn

  3. That sounds wonderful! What a great idea for a birthday party. I love that it got your little one writing stories, too!

  4. Happy Birthday little Chick you have grown up so super fast. Love all the thoughtful details you put into this celebration. Looks like a very special day to remember.

  5. Thanks to all! And, Jaime, your sweet post made me smile. You are all so dear. xo

  6. What a great post, sounds like they had a lovely time.