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Early morning snow drifts.

Yesterday, we had the kind of snowfall that makes you stare a little longer. It was just so much snow - more than the eyes can see, really. I felt like we were overdoing it or something. Kind of like how I feel when I make way too many mashed potatoes, and I put the huge bowl on the table and stare at it imagining how much will be left over. And, I begin to plot who I can give some to. I caught myself doing that yesterday. How sad it was that we couldn't send just a little bit of our snow over to Chick and Mouse's cousin in California.

The flakes were clumpy and fluffy at the same time, which made for lots and lots of fluffy, beautiful, drifting snow.

Chick loved it! She rolled and rolled, and jumped off of the highest point of the swing set again and again. Mouse really wanted to like it, but the snow is up to her arm pits, and she kept getting stuck. "Mama! Get meeeeeee. I'm so stuck!" She is so capable and agile that I sometimes forget how small in stature she is. This deep, deep snow reminded me. And, her, I think.

xo e