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Who knew that JoAnn's Fabric sells mermaid skin fabric? I sure didn't. I went in looking for some sort of green iridescent fabric for cutting individual scales, and came out with fabric that has all of the individual scales painted on. It even feels kind of wet and rubbery just like real mermaid tails probably feel like. Tom and I spent some time figuring out the dimensions and the shape of the fin, and then I made a template for each kid. I traced the template onto felt and then onto the faux mermaid fin skin. After sewing the right sides together, and turning it inside out, I sewed a wide grosgrain ribbon across the top (for tying on, apron style). These have already become an integral part of their dress-up bin.

And, here are some jack-o-lanterns from over the weekend. I hope your Halloween was mostly fun and just a little bit spooky.

Happy November.

xo e