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camp beautiful

I can't believe I had "malfunction" as my post title for the past three weeks. Granted, we did have a few bumps and turns and more bumps and more turns, but, really, my summer has been so much more than a big malfunction. For starters, we went on a family camping vacation to Nickerson State Park where we played in the most dreamy, calm, warm, bay beach water. There were some nibbler crabs scooting around the ocean floor, but if you accepted your toes' fate with humor, it was just perfect. And, don't get me started on the crystal clear, warm, sandy bottom kettle pond that was a few mere feet from our campsite. It was perfection wrapped up in a leafy, sandy, refreshing, little package. It was so tranquil and peaceful that it really did feel like it was just sitting there, quietly, waiting for us to slide in and splash around.

This is the clear pond that I can't stop thinking about. Look at how clear and sandy it is.

Making oatmeal with our CorningWare percolator and fancy, new camping stove. A most useful blend of old and new.

Magical moss perfect for fairies, said Leah.

I did end up losing 130 photos when my computer decided to be cranky, but, thankfully, none of them were camping photos. I've been tip toeing around my photos, glancing quickly at the place where all of my photos should be, but aren't. And, when I get wistful, I just shush myself and tell myself that if this was fifteen years ago, the film canister would have been stuffed in a sock drawer and forgotten about. Right?

xo e