Grumble. A week ago, our desktop computer crashed and acted as if all of my files never existed. Apple helped us find my files, and we thought all was okay until a few days ago when I tried to manipulate some photos. 100 photos gone. Boo! And, sadly the photos were corrupted just before they were saved onto our external hard drive, so they aren't even recoverable there. As I type, Tom is working with Apple to recover them and whatever else we lost while I sit here at the laptop, fingers in my ears, whistling a happy tune.

So, please forgive my absence. In the midst of our computer troubles was our crazy beautiful, super fun camping trip to the shore. I have photos and stories to share from that adventure as well as a few other little bits.

For now, I am living in pretend land where I didn't lose any photos. Not one. Not even the one where the girls are wildly pedaling in our town's bike parade.

xo e


  1. Oh no! How stressful!
    I hope it all works out, Emily.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the lose of your photos. Perhaps try and take a moment to write about what memories you have of the ones that are missing. Best wishes

  3. thanks, you guys! somehow, it helps knowing that other people understand why it is such a bummer. writing about the memories is a nifty idea. thanks, jaime.

  4. Ugh - that's awful! Every time we have something go wrong with a PC, my hubby grumbles "we're getting a Mac next time"... good to know they aren't perfect, either :)

  5. Emily, pretendland is sometimes a very important place to live. I always like Neverland, but they mostly serve theous. e same purpose. I love your blogos, artwork, photos, story stones. The trouble is I have to go to sleep and can't be scrolling through your Red Bird Crafts thru the wee hours of the night. Please tell me how to get those neat images on to my blog page. Hope all is well. The girls' hats are gorgeous!