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feeling farm-y

Happy summer vacation to us! And to you guys, too, of course. Grandma Jane (Tom's mom) gave the girls these sun shielding floppy hats that have, so far, become their most favorite summer accessories. Seriously. We don't leave home without them. Notice that little Mouse, the burgeoning fashionista, chooses to wear her flower on the back. I love those hats just as much as they do - just look at how they shade their heads, faces, and necks from the sun.

It was farm share day today, and the u-pick sign said we could gather 3 quarts of strawberries. Hello frozen strawberries in our freezer! The fields were hot, and we were sweaty and tired by the end. Chick is a picking superstar this year. She was super selective and efficient with her own little method. I loved watching her take pride in collecting berries. Miss Mouse had a case of Blueberries For Sal where I'd hear lots of kerplunks, but when I looked into her carton there were no strawberries to be found, and her face was dripping with red juice.

So far, our summer vacation has consisted of sleeping late, playing in our backyard, homemade pizza with friends, picking strawberries at our beloved CSA farm, and some after hours coconut rum and pineapple juice drinks around a bonfire with friends.

Hold up! Its not all strawberries and sunshine around these parts. We also made what we like to call our "master list" of things-to-do, and we've been tackling it day by day. You'd think it would mostly have big, house improvement projects on it, but no, instead it has small things like, "bring those three jars downstairs" and "mail that letter." We do also have some bigger things like "bring the old sink to the dump" and "fix the lawnmower"on there too. The master list is making us feel so productive with all of the crossing out we've been doing.

Oh, and I've been doing a gazillion loads of laundry as Mouse learns to use the toilet. We're finally at a stage where she is excited to put on those thick, padded undies, but we're not quite at the point where she is able to get to the bathroom before it's too late. We'll get there, though, and it is so nice that her readiness has coincided with summer.

For now, it is just the right blend of rest and work and play.

And, root beer with ice.

And, strawberries.

xox e