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xo emily

painted leaves

My Sunday:
A lazy morning with a friend planning and thinking and chatting
A bagel with cream cheese and lox and tomato
Met Tom and the kiddos at the biggest playground ever (Chick loves that it is possible to get a wee bit lost in the maze)
Did some writing
Collected leaves and seed pods
Painted the leaves and seed pods
Ate a big, hearty, family dinner with my parents
Watched as Chick and Mouse took turns on the lawn mower with Tom
Cut Mouse's hair
More writing
Watched three episodes of 30 Rock on Hulu
Read six pages in my book
Fell fast asleep

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about about my bright blue and green leaves. Is it blasphemous to paint something that is already so beautiful? But, today, I love them. It feels satisfying to create a juxtaposition of things that are so organic with colors that, well, aren't. I also enjoyed playing around with the color green, and painted them just a tiny bit brighter than usual, so it almost feels as if it might be the actual color. I might try mounting and sealing them with a clear lacquer.

Shortest tutorial ever:

For those who are interested, I collected leaves and painted them with basic acrylic paint. Once the paint dried, I pressed them between two pieces of wood to flatten them.

xo e