c o l o r

Spring in our yard.

Fern babies

Purple ground covering that is way more beautiful than grass.

Dogwood tree growing in the west side of our front yard (just like I had growing up)

Tiny lilac bush about to bloom.

Fancy tulips planted this past fall with Mouse in the Ergo pack on my back. Sweaty.

My gray feet in a field of green, yellow, and purple.

Happy almost May, lovelies.

xo e


  1. Happy May to you! My sweet neighbor ALWAYS leaves flowers on my porch or on the brick garden wall. She's so sweet. We used to make May baskets and leave them on old ladies' doorsteps when I was a little girl. I hope you are having a delightful spring, Emily!

  2. So wonderful to see the joys of spring as we're approaching winter!