my mama is an artist

Last weekend, we stuffed clothing in suitcases, packed a picnic dinner for the car, and drove to NY for my mom's first ever art show opening. She has been painting for the past ten years as a way to relax and unwind in the middle of a busy week. Mostly, she paints in two separate mediums - sometimes oil, sometimes watercolor - often alternating depending on what mood she is in. Her watercolors are often realistic interpretations of trios of simple objects. I could stare at her trio of pears all day, and I don't think my eyes would feel tired of looking at them. I love how they are lumpy and curvy in a "this is just how we are" kind of way. I also dig the way she uses pen&ink to give texture and depth to her fruit. Her oils are more impressionistic - a bit blurry with a certain emotional energy that makes me feel both at peace and bit wistful at the same time.

I just had to share because I'm proud. Plain and simple.

Speaking of arts and crafts, I wanted to let local peeps know about a really cool Farm and Fiber workshop this summer for children ages 8-12. I've heard there is going to be natural dye making, animal care, floor looms, and weaving and felting. Does it get any better? Last I heard, there are still a bunch of spots left. I wish it was for ages 8-33. Just saying.

xo e

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