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in a bottle

Well, hello! It feels like forever since I last wrote in this lovely little space, and I am so glad to be back. Right when I felt as if I had recovered from that stomach bug, a mean, relentless chest cold paid my body a visit. I haven't had my voice for over a week, but HEY! that means I have sexy lounge singer voice. Even when I say things like, "How much does that gallon of milk cost?" it comes out sounding all sultry and dark alley worthy. Enough about that, though. I'm healthy (again), the sun is shining, and there is all sorts of spring in our yard. Our magnolia tree is popping a bit early this year and our chives are already shooting up. Tom and the girls started some sunflower seeds in late March, and the little sprouts have all pushed through the soil. And, the rumor around town is that it might be close to 85 degrees tomorrow. Wowza!

I carved some empty bottle stamps last night in hopes that Chick and I could spend some time filling them with imaginary spring treasures. This afternoon, she has been busy drawing and cutting out rescue princess tools since she plans to go as a super princess to a birthday party that wants her to come dressed as her favorite rescue hero. Every rescue princess needs a wand, saw, and compass - right? But, anyway, the reason I bring that up is because she had "very little time" to work on filling her bottles. For today, she put a "flower, water, some moss, and a baby plant" in the four bottles, and she informed me that she wants to work on another set tomorrow. I had time, though, and it was fun.

My next post will be full of pictures of my mom's paintings from this past weekend's super spectacular art show opening. More soon.

xo e