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xo emily

moleskine collages

A dear friend gave me a three pack of pocket size Moleskine notebooks for my birthday, and, this afternoon, I was inspired to create little fabric, felt, found paper collages on two of the covers. I'm still pondering the third.

I've been so caught up in stamp carving and block prints that I forgot how much I love to sew onto paper. I spent some time gathering felt, fabric, and paper scraps, created two little sketches, and channeled my deep desire for all things green into the two wee collages. This is a nice little project that ends up making a sweet little gift for someone you love. Don't be afraid to sew right into the cover, but do think about changing your needle to one that is more thick and sturdy. I used fusible webbing and a bit of fabric glue to attach the larger swatch of fabric. I'm going to put one of them by my bedside to use as a place to write words, sentences, or even little pictures each night. I like that it is small, so there is no pressure to write and write and write. One or two words is sometimes enough.

The neighbors across the street probably think I lost something really important in our front garden because each time I pass it, I pause and search for our first crocus shoot. The kids gather around me, and we use our feet to push leaves to the side in hopes of seeing a tiny little green sprig. As of this afternoon, all we've found are a few stickers, an old drinking straw, lots of dried leaves and vines, and some dirt.

xo e