fairy flower wand

Chick decided she wanted to have just a few little friends to our house on Saturday for a fairy tea party. We served tiny cheese and jam sandwiches, berry tea, and gave each of her friends a fairy flower wand to cast spells with.

The wands were designed by me, but actually assembled by Tom. He did a great job binding them, and added a bit of glue to make sure all of the flowers stayed where they should.

wooden dowel
faux silk flowers
florist tape

How to:
Cut dowel to size. We decided that 14" is a suitable size for a wand. Use wire clippers to snip two flower stems approximately 4" below the flowers. Be sure to leave some leaves and greenery for a natural, organic fairy wand effect. Place one flower stem on either side of the top of the dowel, and use florist tape to bind the two stems to the dowel. You can also use ribbon to tie the stems on tightly. To ensure that the flowers stay nice and tight, Tom started at the top, and bound the ribbon down the entire length of the stem (not the entire length of the dowel). Next, use a bit of craft glue on the ribbon and tape to set it for good. Once the ribbon and stems are dry, tie some long pieces of decorative ribbon onto the top of the dowel. I used bunches of leaves as an anchor for the ribbon so it didn't slip down the dowel.

Give to your aspiring flower fairy and watch as they cast powerful magical spells.



  1. So clever and cute! I wish my boys would be into them. Alas, that window of opportunity has come and gone, I'm afraid.

  2. What a great idea! You could even use sticks from the garden! I'm making one as soon as I can get to the craft store to buy the roses! What an enchanting idea! YOU are such a nice fairy mama.

  3. These are so cute, my friend's daughter is in a fairy phase right now and would love one! I remember having a lovely tea party for my daughter and her friends when she was about five. They all wore fancy dresses and we ate tea sandwiches too. She still talks about it 5 years later...

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  5. Thanks for this! We're making these at my daughter's flower fairy themed birthday party next week, but I have one question--why is the glue necessary and how exactly do you apply it? I'm a bit confused since the tape and ribbons are binding the flowers to the dowel.

  6. I'm so glad to hear you are making these for your daughter's birthday party next week. We used craft glue on the ribbon and tape just to give it added durability. I used clear craft glue, and I just applied a thin layer on the ribbon and tape. I propped them up (resting on the flowers) to dry over night.

    I'd love it if you posted pictures of your finished project in the Red Bird Crafts flickr page (located in the side bar). Good luck!

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