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snowy wrap

So far, I've bought and made a few gifts for the holiday season. And while it is nice to have those five gifts ready to go, I am so not going to wrap our gifts until the day before. But, I did wrap this one tiny gift because I wanted to share this easy snowy hill wrapping paper project. It is a simple, fun project that your kids can take part in. Chick was an expert snowflake stamper by the end of this project.

You need kraft paper or a a brown paper bag (depending on the size of the gift), white paint, a white stamp pad, a snowflake stamp, a pencil, and scissors.

Easy peasy instructions:
1. cut paper to size
2. draw a horizon line.
3. use the white paint to fill in the "hill" under the horizon line.
4. use the snowflake stamp to create the snow over the horizon line.
5. let dry and then use it to wrap your gift.

Tiny notes:

If you are going to use a big sheet for a bunch of smaller gifts, it might be nice to create a few hills, so all of the presents will have both snowy hill and snowflakes.

Ooooh, and don't you think snow people and snow forts would be nifty too?

xo e